BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Emmanuel’s Diary Room Session

How are you today

Emmanuel says he is doing well and fine.

Information about the fellow Housemate

He knows Boma is 34, He is a model and a footballer and an actor

He grew up in yaba, he is dirvoced.

How has that influenced your opinion on Boma

I’m seeing him as an active young man, he is quite energetic, he is smart and focused.

He has an inspiring story.

I get to open up to him on my ideas and plans. He is accommodating and supportive. I see him as a good friend.

What do you think about the HOH Deputy.

From what I’ve observed about Yousef, he is observant, and laid back, he doesn’t talk much, although he’s been active on one or too task, and whenever he has the opportunity to speak he speaks, he is inquisitive too. He is a quiet person

Do you think the house will pass this simple challenge?

Honestly, I tried to talk to few people about it, what they’ve observed, but I’ve not gotten any forms of certainty.

Just a few options.

So far, I dont know.

Right now we have options. But I hope we get

Would you like Big Brother to give you a clue.

Yes if you give us a clue I will appreciate

Take a look at how the housemates are invited into the house.

The wild card would be invited into the diary room one after the other.

Do you have any question to ask

Yes, do the wild card  knows they are wild cards?

Big brother gave you a clue not one. You.may leave the Diary room.

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