Boko Haram Attack Cameroonian Soldiers, kills Seven

Boko Haram Attack Cameroonian Soldiers, kills Seven

An army base in Cameroon’s far North region was invaded by Boko Haram militants on Saturday, killing at least seven soldiers and wounding several others.

The Boko Haram militants hit the base in Sagme locality of the region around 4am on Saturday. One of the soldiers said “The militant, well-armed, in military camouflage arrived in a convoy of six vehicles”.

The commander of the military base was killed along side six of his colleagues after several hours of fighting.

A soldier whose identity was not disclosed said the soldiers were very brave and defended strongly. He said “it is thanks to that, they were able to repel the attackers and saved more lives”.
He added that the casualties on the part of the militants remained unknown.

According to security reports, Saturday’s attack was said to have been the most deadliest attack on Cameroon Army in more than 10 months and Boko Haram plagued Cameroon’s Far North region in 2014, killing more than 2,000 people.

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