Husband Allegedly Beat Wife To Death Over Sex

In a tragic turn of event, a man allegedly beat his wife to death over her refusal to have sex with him.

The niece of the dead woman, narrated the incident while calling for justice for her mother’s twin sister.

According to the niece, the suspect was in the habit of beating his wife. On 27th of June, the woman, Mrs Ugieki Asemota returned home from a wedding to find her husband drunk, so she had a bath and locked herself in a room to avoid getting beaten which is allegedly her husband’s habit when he’s drunk.

However, late at night, the husband is said to have banged on her door, demanding sex but she told him to go to his room and leave her alone.

When he wouldn’t leave and she could sense the violence looming, the wife is said to have jumped out of her room through a window.

The husband, allegedly went after her and attacked her, hitting her with wood and a block until she bled and fainted.

She was rushed to the hospital but died last week. The husband has since been arrested.

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