Zeena Clothing Brand Calls Out Vee For Disassociating Herself From Their Brand

A clothing brand known as Zeena & Zara, has called out former Big Brother Naija housemate Victoria Adeleye known as Vee, for disassociating herself from their brand without paying off the refund.

Earlier on, Vee took to her Twitter page to publicly pull out from a brand she used to be an ambassador to.

According to Vee, the CEO of Zeena and Zara clothing line, Happiness Adebayo (Glee) reached out to her for collaboration in the promotion of the Company’s designs.

Vee stated that when she got to the shoot, the Company’s CEO insisted that she wears the hair that she sells, through another company entirely which she did, but insisted on wearing her own hair the second day of the shoot. However, the CEO started throwing totally undeserved tantrums on social media saying that she considers her a difficult person to work with.

On the long run, the brand demanded a refund where the initial part payment of ?2.5m was paid.

Vee’s management paid ?2 million, but removed 500k due to the mileage her page had received from the announcement campaign, giveaway promotion & time spent working with her.

However, the brand, shared a contrary post on their page.

“Apparently Vee paid 2million out of the 2.5m she was given for the deal she refused to honor. However, the shoot including the items she took cost about 1.4million which she insisted on not paying back,” they responded on their Instagram page.

She was advised to refund a total sum of N1.9M as the balance of the money and items in her possession.

“Now she refused to pay for the loss incurred for the shoot, not forgetting that she made away with items worth 400k including the 500k balance from the ambassadorial deal payment, all tuning to about a total of 1.9million.

“Since she is not willing to pay for the loss incurred and the outstanding, the brand decided to use the content from the shoot done so as to minimize the loss incurred.”

Part of the post reads: “…After paying, right on the first day of the set, everyone stressed to work with you. We still persuaded them so we could work something out, you looked down on everyone on set including the photographer, yet we overlooked and still waited with you till your Uber arrived so as not to leave just you on-site”

“the brand has worked with a lot of people with no issues, we can’t cope with your attitude because you don’t even know what it takes to be a brand ambassador, and all this should have been well explained to you before putting pen to paper

… you are out of the big brother house yet you act like everyone on set is one of the housemates…”

The reality TV star threatened legal action against the company, noting that her lawyer has already sent an email to them.

But reacting in a series of posts, the company blasted the reality TV star while accusing her of not keeping to her end of the deal.

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