OAP Dotun Reacts After A Church Used Him As A Notable Example Of End-time Youth

OAP Dotun has reacted angrily after a church used him as one of the notable examples of end-time youth because he has dyed his hair.

OAP Dotun sharing the poster of the church on his Instagram page fumed at the fact that a church classifies him as a reckless youth just because he has dyed his hair and even went ahead to use his photo for their poster.

OAP Dotun then asked how do they explain this as he has suddenly become one of the restless youth with a recalcitrant spirit just because he dyed his hair fuming that they even used him for a church poster which he doesn’t like.

He went ahead to ask if this is the devil they want to cast out making him look like he has dyed his hair because he has been possessed by a recalcitrant spirit and is now one of the restless youths of the end-time that need saving.

Using a very well-known public figure like OAP Dotun’s picture for their poster without his knowledge is wrong on the part of the church and even going ahead to make it look like dying his hair makes him an end-time youth is even worse.

Please how do you explain this?

Suddenly I am now one of restless youth with a recalcitrant spirit cos I dyed my hair

They kuku use me do church poster..

So this the devil you want to cast out abi

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