Girls From 21 Secondary Schools In Ogun State Converge For The Girl In Transit Maiden Event

The Girls in Transit Initiative is pleased to announce its first edition which held in Abeokuta on the 26th of May 2021 with 108 Junior Secondary School students from 21 schools in attendance.


The 3 hours event was specifically designed to train adolescentgirls about the importance of education, community, mentorship and the power of their minds. Thriving in Africa as a girl child can be likened to a flower blossoming in the midst of thorns, her mind must be resilient and her vision crystal clear to see theundiscovered potentials that lies in her.


A survey conducted by Adolescents 360 reveals that 92,400 teenage girls were pregnant between the year 2016 -2020. This alarming increased rate of teenage pregnancy could be traced to poor investment in youth health, education and empowerment.


By 2030, one of the Sustainable Development Goals is to adopt and strengthen sound and enforceable legislation for the promotion of gender equality of all women and girls at all levels. Another of the SDG 2030 goals is to ensure all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to effective learning outcomes.


Looking at the statistics and goals above, it has become imperative for citizens; not just the government to build platforms to empower and sensitive the girl child. That is why we took it upon ourselves at G.R.I.T. to meet the need of girls at this delicate and sensitive developmental stage and give them the much-needed awareness and necessary education as much and as often as we can required to make appropriate decisions for their future.


Speaking on impact, the Keynote Speaker Mr Odeyemi, Retired Permanent Secretary Teaching Service Commission, Ogun Stateimplored the girls to be determined to live successful lives as well as work hard to make their impact felt positively in the society.

Shortly before the event stared during an interview Molawa Olawale, Author of The Compendium and Founder of Girls in Transit Initiative said “I am so excited to see the vision come to life, we had just 2 weeks to plan and the team did an excellent job. This Initiative is God’s, it was all his idea, we just conceived and executed”


Girls in Transit Initiative is spreading across the Nation into the continent Africa with the goal of having empowered 20 million girls across Africa by 2026, with the right partnerships and collaboration we believe that this is doable. The initiative will feature a team of young inspiring women who are industry leaders who will be do the following


Educate girls on the power of influence and the impact of social media.
Build a community of promising young women leaders.
Create a platform where young girls can express themselves, share their views and get inspired
Instill in young girls, habits to guide against societal pressure in the 21st century.
Strengthen the capacity of young girls to contribute to the development of their communities.
To help adolescent girls in their transitioning to adulthood with necessary tools and information required.
Creating an atmosphere of possibilities for the girl child to thrive.
Using the power of story-telling and imagery to reinforce the validity of her dreams.
Enhance the quality of thinking and living of every girl child.
Increasing their enthusiasm for learning with incentives

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