Man Set World Record by Jumping 25000 ft Without Parachute

Luke Aikins

Veteran American skydiver Luke Aikins made history by being the first person to jump 25,000 feet (7600 meters) above sea level without a parachute.

The world was left shocked when the daredevil took this giant leap of faith with an aim to land on a net just 100 feet squared.

The shocking footage of the stunt called ‘Heaven Sent,’ shows the then 42-year-old Aikins, rolling down from a pane and freefalling into a 30 by 30 m net structure softly, dubbed as ‘Fly Trap.’

The deadly stunt was carried out in the Californian deserts as a crowd of anxious spectators held their breath for two-and-a-half-minute freefall which ended with a soft landing.

Aikins, a serious skydiver and a BASE jumper decided to broadcast the stunt on live television and it was aired by Fox network during an hourlong special.

After the breath-taking landing on the Fly Trap, Aikins, climbed out the net, cheering and hugged his wife, Monica, as he broke the Guinness World Record for highest skydive without a parachute or even a wingsuit.


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