5 Fashion Influencers Who Are Maximizing Their Social Media Potentials

Fashion, as we all know, is an independent form of art that has been around since the dawn of time. From the skins of cavemen to the leaf-skirts of those before them, fashion has always been a thing of necessity and a force that brings humanity together.

In this day and age, there are people, custodians of fashion we like to call them who have made it their purpose to ensure the masses are getting the very best of what the fashion world has to offer. These custodians are the fashion bloggers, influencers and enthusiasts who have broken every barrier in their way to become and stay the most important “F” of all; Fashionable.

However, for this to remain true, it is paramount for these influencers to bring AND keep their social A-game. After all, we aren’t in the digital age for nothing. With this in mind, we decided to make use of Plaqad’s Socialced app to collate the top 5 fashion influencers who are currently topping the social media class of 2020.

1. Temi Otedola  

Temi Otedola

Ranked a Trend Setter on Instagram and an even higher Socialite on Twitter by Plaqad’s Socialcred App, Temi Otedola or JTO fashion as she’s popularly called, is a fashion and travel blogger who uses social media alongside her famous fashion blog, to bring the joy of fashion to our very doorsteps.

Whether fashion, travel or even film, every bit she touches is a social media hit. Now that’s what we call Influence.

2. Denola Adepetun

Demola Adepetun

Let’s be honest, anyone with a social media account within a mile radius of Nigeria probably knows who Denola Grey is. The actor, fashion consultant and writer is best known for not only looking luscious 24/7 but also being a prominent figure in the social media scene.

Be it fashion, film, or politics, Denola is always ready to lend a helping voice to a useful cause. Hence, it’s no wonder that the fashion trailblazer ranks as a Crowd Controller on Instagram and a Big Shot on both Twitter and Youtube.

3. Fisayo Longe

Fisayo Longe

Fashion Influencer and Creative Director, Fisayo Longe is another fashion influencer we can’t help but mention when it comes to the social media game. Popularly known for her Gaia Dress by Kai Collective, which coined the term “Gbogbo wa ma Gaia” on Social media last year, the fashion guru has mastered the hooks and crooks of social media and built herself a fashion empire consisting of over 100 thousand followers.

It’s no wonder Plaqad’s Socialcred ranks Fisayo Longe as a Trend Setter on Twitter and a Crowd controller on Instagram; a rank that is in itself very impressive.

4. Steven Onoja

Steven Onoja

With close to 100K followers on Instagram, it would be almost sinister not to include fashion enthusiast and visual storyteller, Steven Onoja. The suit and tie rocking influencer is yet another fashion figure who has utilized social media to his greatest advantage when it comes to pushing fashion and other fashion agendas.

He is currently ranked as a Crowd Controller on both Twitter and Instagram.

5. Zina  Anumudu

Zinna Anumudu

The final influencer on this list happens to be brand consultant and fashion influencer; Zina Anumudu. Zina, popularly known as Ozinna is a fashion influencer who has through Social media pushed herself and her style brand ‘Style Concierge’ to heights beyond understanding.

The brand influencer who sights her two favorite things to be fashion and branding; ranks as a Crowd Controller on both Twitter and Instagram.

And there you have it! These 5 fashion influencers have, with their sense of style and mastery of social media, taken the fashion world more digital than we might have thought possible and if they keep riding the social media wave, it’s no telling how far they’d go.

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