Comedian Princess Opens Up About Baba Ijesha’s Rape Allegation, Says Her Foster Child is the Victim.

Nigerian comedienne, Princess, has narrated a shocking story of how Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju James better known as Baba Ijesha molested her foster child 7 years ago.

Princess recounted that 7 years ago she had challenges in her marriage and lost her baby and some parents in her area out of compassion allow their children to stay with her so that she will not feel lonely.

She said that Baba Ijesha visited her asking her for help because she had challenges and defiled the little girl when she was not with her.

According to her, the little girl because of her experience with Baba Ijesha could not concentrate in class and her academic performance was getting poorer and poorer and they did not understand.

Until the girl herself revealed what Baba Ijesha did to her and the revelation threw her into a state of shock and they had to find out themselves if truly he did it.

“He even came the next day to be sure that she didn’t tell anyone. He told her that he brought fruits that she should come downstairs to pick them. When she followed him down, he used his key to defile her,” an emotional Princess revealed.

She said the defilement harmed the child as she began to decline academically and otherwise.

However, seven years after, the child revealed to her that she was defiled by Baba Ijesha

“I sent him a DM, told him that I had a movie to shoot so he should come to the house. While he was on his way I told CCTV company to come and fix a camera, because I remembered what my sister told me that if we do not have evidence, people will think we want to set Baba Ijesha up,” she added.

She narrated how the actor came to the house and tried to molest the same girl again. The police were immediately called and he was arrested.

Princess slammed those who have accused her of trying to tarnish the image of the actor.


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