5 Foods You Must See At A Nigerian Occasion

In Nigeria, what makes a party great is the availability of great dishes. We don’t slack when it comes to having the best cuisine at our Owambe.

There are several dishes that are common at Nigerian parties or occasions but we would list just five foods which are:

1. Jollof Rice

Only the aroma of Jollof rice is enough to convince you to eat. Omo! Jollof rice is bae. You can’t go to a Nigerian party and not see jollof rice.

2. Pounded Yam 

Nigerians love pounded Yam most especially Yoruba and Igbo, especially when it comes as a combo such as Pounded yam with Egusi or Efo riro. It’s like a taste of Heaven on earth. We call it “Ibile’’ in the Western part of Nigeria, which means local. It’s certain that 40% of the guests at a Nigeria Occasion will request for Pounded yam.


3. Moi-Moi

Moi-Moi is a Nigerian steamed bean pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled black-eyed beans, onions, and fresh ground red peppers.

Most Nigerians love it when they find Fish, beef, egg, or crayfish inside it. Nigerians love of Moi-Moi is underestimated, honestly.


4. Puff-Puff

This a deep-fried dough that Nigerians call “Puff-Puff.” You can’t say you are Nigerian and you haven’t eaten Puff-Puff.

5. Semo

Semo is a well-known Nigerian solid food that is consumed by people of all tribes and can be served with a variety of soups, including vegetable broth, okra stew, and melon soup. Semo is an acronym for Semovita.

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