7 Perfect Romantic Places For A Honeymoon In Nigeria

Nigeria has a plethora of captivating and romantic destinations that are sure to make you enjoy your honeymoon. So, if you’re looking for time away from the stress of the city, but you’re not sure how you and your partner can spend it.

Here is a list of seven places for a romantic honeymoon in Nigeria.



Are you a couple that is in love with nature? Trust me, Obudu Mountain Resort is a good place to consider for your honeymoon if you are to spend it in Nigeria. This resort is one of the best you can find in Nigeria, as it is commonly called Obudu Cattle Ranch. This place has grown to be a lovely place for a honeymoon or even getaway, where couples from to relax and be cozy with their partners. Because of the high-tech facilities and machinery used inside the ranch, couples in Obudu Cattle Ranch feel as though they are in another country. In addition, there is a professionally fitted gym and a 9-hole golf course (for lovers of golf) and a cable car takes you across the Ranch’s peaks and troughs as you arrive. Couples have chosen Obudu as their top location for a romantic honeymoon because of its consistent atmosphere and erotic festivities.



A peaceful and reserved environment may be the perfect place for you and your partner to get to know each other more. Just imagine taking a long romantic walk with your partner on the white sand beach while enjoying the fresh air and the view of the sea. Also, there are bars and restaurants available at the resort for dinner dates to spicy the honey-moon up. There are also available facilities for you and your partner to engage in such as an amusement park, gym, sports facilities, snooker, boat ride, archery so many more.



Are you and your partner animal lovers? Then you must try Yankari Game Reserve as it’s a broad wildlife park having over 40 different species of animals, over 500 elephants, and 59 caves. Yankari is the most developed animal reserve and parks in Nigeria as it houses various natural and warm springs. Taking a swim in crystal-clear water in Yankari will so romantic for couples. This place is known for its constant visits by tourists and holidaymakers to see wildlife and its collection of animals.



You don’t have to spend much to get a perfect honeymoon as Zenababs half-moon is near fetched for couples to have the time of their life in this resort. This grandiose place, situated in the heart of Ilesha, boasts a stunning architectural piece and serves as a perfect honeymoon. Zenababs Half Moon Resort offers a variety of events for couples, as well as a beautiful view of the resort from their suites.


This is a must-visit destination for lovers searching for a truly romantic honeymoon. This resort is renowned for its excellent golf course and unspoiled climate, which is set between lush palm foliage. This resort mixes privacy with majesty, ensuring a memorable experience for guests. Couples will be able to spend quality time together and strengthen their relationships by participating in a variety of events, as well as staying in luxury suites and taking long scenic walks at the beach.



When it comes to offering quintessential comfort and delicate food, this relaxation center has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria. Some of us like food, so we prefer to be with food and our partner during the honeymoon, this place is a perfect place to consider. Couples can breathe in fresh, unpolluted air thanks to the well-kept and environmentally sustainable climate. This resort center is sure to make memorable memories for lovers, from the cool blue pool to the natural greens and crystal-clear river. Couples will enjoy sports such as canoeing, deep river swimming, and fishing at this resort, which also has state-of-the-art facilities such as a regular golf course and tennis court. It has a variety of room configurations, including a unit, detached unit, and chalet.



If staying indoor in an exclusive world-class hotel is the plan for the honeymoon, my dear considers Four Points by Sheraton as this hotel offers a minibar, free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, gym, and fitness center, as well as a relaxing stay in tastefully decorated rooms. Bathtubs and walk-in showers are included in each of the hotel’s 234 suites. This hotel, located on the outskirts of Victoria Island, is a perfect place to stay and make memories with your partner.


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