Most Parents Normalize Child Abuse Thinking Its Lessons – Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa has disclosed that most parents normalize child abuse thinking they are teaching their children some lesson which isn’t true.

According to her, most parents bring up their children the same way they were brought up without knowing that some of the things they do are child abuse as to them they are teaching their children some lessons when they do that.

Sharing her idea on how some parents bring up their children, Toke Makinwa said they do that the exact way they were brought up taking out their frustration on their children and didn’t know that their actions affect most of their children even when they grow up.

Adding that so many parents couldn’t normalize saying ‘I Love You’ to their kids and only reply with thanks when said to them as most of them were raised worse and they thought those harsh conditions were lessons given to them.

To Toke Makinwa, it’s funny how children go through all that abuse and grow up to know you almost understand them and forgive them for not knowing better and thinking child abuse was a way of teaching the child a lesson.

Most parents today also blindly abuse their children with how harshly they speak to treat them thinking they are teaching them some lessons but then emotionally abusing them because most of them just keep quiet about it.


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