How To Avoid Buying Fake Oraimo Products

Smart accessories manufacturers oraimo, has found ways to increase its success in many markets, thanks to its creative, smart, flexible, comfortable, and user-friendly products.


Ever since the launch of the oraimo brand in Nigeria,unscrupulous elements have distributed counterfeits of original oraimo accessories. When a new oraimo product hits the market, it is regularly available on the e-shop, and across authorized dealers online and offline.


Product authentication ensures the genuineness of an oraimo accessory. Here are some ways to determine whether the product you bought is from a genuine source:

oraimo Official e-shop and Approved Dealers

oraimo accessories can be bought from the e-shop or authorized retailers nationwide. All oraimo products come with a 6- to 12-month warranty.


Check for 2baba’s image and signature on the product.

Look out for 2Baba’s photo and signature before purchasing any oraimo product.



Verification Number

A 16-digit code can be found at the back or side of all oraimo accessories. Customers can check whether they bought a genuine oraimo product by logging on to www.oraimo.comand entering the 16-digit code on the Authentication page.


Carlcare Service Centres

oraimo teamed up with Carlcare to provide world-class service solutions to all customers. The move was deliberate for the brand, to ensure their customers have a seamless experience whenever the need arises to service or replace their products.

This gesture also reiterates the brand’s commitment to delighting their customers and putting them at the centre of their operations. At the Carlcare service centres, product inspections, replacements, and warranty claim are all available for new and existing customers.


The best deals on oraimo products can be found at ng.oraimo.com. For inquiries or questions, please visit any Carlcare service centre, log on to www.carlcare.com or send a message via social media – Instagram @oraimoclub and Facebook @oraimoNigeria

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