Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Condemns Christians Taking COVID-19 Vaccines

Senior Pastor of Loveworld Ministry, Chris Oyakhilome, has descended heavily on Christian leaders who are recommending the COVID19 vaccines and urging members to take the jabs.

Recall that 3.92 million does of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines were transported to Nigeria on March 2 and vaccination of its citizens started. Islamic heads and other Christian leaders have been using their medium to encourage members to take the vaccine.

However, Pastor Chris who has always been on the contrary to the COVID19 disease and its vaccines during a sermon lashed out Christian leaders who are endorsing the vaccine.
While preaching in his church recently, Oyakhilome said;

“I can’t understand how a minister of the gospel would be waiting for some vaccine to be the solution for the world. Where is your faith? What happened to you? We cannot make such recommendations, it is not our calling to make such recommendations. We cannot be used for that. As a minister of the gospel, you should not be used for that.??How can you become a minister of vaccines? What happened to you? Where is the word of God in your mouth? Do you realize that if you would believe in Christ and in the word of God the way you believe in this vaccine, there will be power in your mouth? He (God) made us healers.”??What is wrong? What has happened to you? When did we start making that kind of recommendation to God’s people? For God sake, think again. How can they send us to the churches to tell them to go take the vaccine???Listen, if I say to someone, you shall live and not die, that’s it for him. Isn’t that the Bible that you read? Where is your God of Elijah, your God of Moses? Where is your God of Peter, James, and John? What is the matter with you?”


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