10 Rema Lyrics Perfect For Your Instagram Captions

Rema (@heisrema/Instagram)

Got an Instagram worthy picture but no cool caption to go with it? Then look no further! Rema has a lot of Insta-worthy song lyrics you could steal for a caption.

From captions about chilling with friends to the perfect caption for your enemies, just pick your caption and go!

This One For Your Loved Up Photos

  1. Gimme your love and soul – Iron Man

  2. Fine girl, make you no go dey do fine boy like this o – Dumebi

  3. I no get motor but na you I dey ride for – Ginger Me

For Your Throwback Hustling Photos

  1. They no send me many years ago, when I dey hustle for the street on a low – Bad Commando

For The Haters

  1. Bow down and pray for mercy, whenever you come near me – Bad Commando

  2. Spend a hunnid racks on a watch piece, hating ass niggas looking at me – Alien

  3. Other niggas they be trynna imitate me. Try to shoot at me but they can never take me – Boulevard

Just Chills…

  1. You see, as a man, I just want to relax and be taken care of. Is it too much to ask? – Woman

For The Drip

  1. Drip is so sloppy. They wanna copy – Spiderman

Feeling Heavenly?

  1. Look up to heaven they shine the light. I pray for the vision and God provide – Spiderman

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