Taaooma Responds To Allegations By Filmmaker Over N1.5 million Deal

Maryam Apaokagi ‘Taaooma’ (Source: @taaooma)

Instagram skit maker, Taaooma has reacted to claims made by a film maker accusing her of charging his client the sum of N1.5 million for a video that didn’t entirely meet the expectations of the client and not showing remorse.

According to the filmmaker who goes by the name @Olaondeck on Twitter he paid Taaooma the sum of N1.5million for an advert and she did not give value for the money. To make matters worst, the famed social media celebrity has told them to ‘take it or leave it.’

“Paid Taaooma 1.5m…

She shot video and the client doesn’t like the work done.

And her position is Take it or Leave it…

We are not asking for a full refund but as least a sense of concession will go a long way..

1.5m gone like that…

And you guys wonder how Maraji fell off? For those of you asking ” What did Maraji do?”

Maraji didn’t do anything in this situation and she’s a fantastic storyteller…

However, ask anyone who has worked with her and her team, she’s not the easiest person to work with.

Hence, the reason for the honest comparison.”

Reacting to the allegations Taaooma stated that the claims by @olaondeck are completely false as she filed a lawsuit against him on the basis of Defamation.

Sharing the lawsuit documents, taaooma wrote;

“I am compelled to issue a response based on the untrue and baseless allegations against me. An allegation of such gravity is not what I will allow to slide as it is completely contrary to the values I uphold in the delivery of my services. I remain committed to delivering happiness to all my fans and supporters worldwide. I love you all and thanks for the overwhelming show of goodwill.”


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