Richard Brandson’s Mum, Eve, Dies of Coronavirus

Richard Brandson and his Mum

Richard Brandson has paid tribute to his mother after she died aged 96 following a battle with coronavirus.

The billionaire business magnate said he was determined to celebrate his mother Eve Branson’s “wonderful life” rather than mourn her loss.

“I’m sorry to share that, sadly like a lot of people’s mums and dads right now in these days of Covid my mum Eve has also passed away, Rather than mourn her loss, I wanted to celebrate her wonderful life & the joy she brought to so many.” he said on Twitter.

He shared a blog he’d written in celebration of his mum’s life detailing Eve’s battle with the Covid, Richard described how his mother had ‘held on for one last victory, managing to fight off the virus, but expended all of her energy in the process’.

He said she had died in the company of his sister Vanessa, nephew Louis, and the ‘wonderful nurses who she entertained with tales from her life’.

He added: ‘Mum was 96-years-old, but had the same enthusiasm and energy she had when I was a boy. As for so many of us in these days of Covid, it feels so strange that the person who has always been there for us, with such zest for life, is gone.’


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