‘Oloture Is Purely Fiction’ – Mo Abudu

'Oloture Is Purely Fiction' Mo Abudu Insists

‘Oloture Is Purely Fiction’ Mo Abudu Insists

Media mogul, Mo Abudu has denied claims of copyright infringement allegations recently made against her film production company for their Netflix blockbuster, ‘Oloture’.

The media mogul insists the ‘Oloture’ story was born following in-depth research on sex and human trafficking.

According to a statement shared via Abudu’s Instagram page, the media mogul’s lawyers claim ‘Oloture’ is a “work of fiction and was inspired by a variety of true events”.

“The movie evolved after in-depth research and wide consultation with several entities with diverse accounts of human/sex trafficking which informed the development of ‘Oloture’ as a social impact project”, the statements adds.
All this comes after a recent interview with Tobore Ovuorie surfaced. The journalist alleged in the explosive interview that EbonyLife Films adapted her 2014 sex trafficking report without her express permission.
Watch the interview below:

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