‘I Spent My Christmas And New Year In Isolation’- Alibaba

Comedian Alibaba has taken to Instagram to warn people of the severity of coronavirus following his ordeal at the isolation center in Lagos.

The legendary stand-up comedian in a recent post said, “Covid is real, and my sympathy goes to all who have lost loved ones within the period that this Covid has come to Nigeria.

This train of Covid is deadlier than the one that has come before, because it’s mutated.


He warned Nigerians to be careful as many people are asymptomatic and as a result, show no signs.

He also said, “I spent all my Christmas and new year in isolation and I can tell you that from room one to four, a number of people were taken out because they died. Anybody that tells you that Covid is a scam, don’t trust the person. Take it from me.”

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