Justin UG Reacts After Being Accused Of Statutory Rape

Justin UG

Actor and comedian, Chukwudi Justin Ugonna popularly known has Justin UG has reacted to a claim by an unidentified young lady that claimed he had sex with her when she was a minor.

On Sunday, December 27, Justin UG was called out on Twitter by a young lady who accused him of statutory rape after they met at a party.

The alleged victim claimed Justin UG used to “coerce girls” and make them “do things” with him. She also alleged that he had made out with her sometime in 2017 when she was 14, claiming he was 16 at the time.

Amid the backlash, Justin took to Twitter to deny such claims, he wrote;

“Hello everyone, in light of recent accusations it is very important for me to assure you of who I am and what I have always stood for,”

“I am not attempting to trivialize the stories of women and men who have suffered experiences of rape and statutory rape, but because this is a criminal accusation against me.

“It is very important for me to clarify that these accusations are not true and I have never been involved in any situation concerning grooming or sexual relations with an underage girl.

“I would love to have a conversation with you concerning recent accusations. I would also be willing to share these conversations publicly so that everyone can follow through and we can all be on the same page.”

He went ahead to release a press statement regarding the situation

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