Comic Republic Becomes First African Company To Produce Over 100 Free Comic Books

Comic Republic

Comic Republic becomes the only comic book company in Africa to publish over 3,000 pages of authentic stories in the form of comic books and distribute it free to readers.

The team has also announced a commitment to continue to deliver quality storytelling come 2021.

The media company has continued to pave the way for good quality content out of Africa, years after the company was likened to Marvel’s Avengers for their team of heroes called the Vanguards.

CEO of the company, Jide Martin, said:

“There is no doubt that the need for diversity and inclusion in story telling is now evident. Now that the world is paying attention and Africans have the spotlight, we must tell our stories because no one else can tell it like we can. My team and I remain committed to taking you on this journey of authentic storytelling with quality art.

Our goal is to build a universe that will be as influential as Marvel’s 81-year history and we’ve been ramping up for this through strategic partnerships and some announcements that we will be making soon”.

Comic Republic’s mission has remained consistent for over 7 years. They are putting Africa’s best foot forward when it comes to quality comic books and this has paid off with more strategic partnerships and investments coming in too.

In the past year, the company has raised about $400,000in funding for the world’s first Bitcoin comic. They have also attracted 2 new investorsfrom Europe despite the pandemic and partnered with Game Loft to provide authentic African comic content.

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