Osaze Odemiwingie Goes On Social Media Rant


Osaze Odemwingie (Instagram/Odemwingie18)

Former football player Osaze Odemwingie calls out Kanu Nwankwo’s wife, Amara Nwankwo on social media for “chasing him for a chat relentlessly.” He also went on to rant about how Nigerians always conform to the African American culture and never do anything to help their country even when they have the capacity to.

Osaze continued with his rants as he attacked Nigerian singer and song writer Peter Okoye’s business, Peter however, went on to share a screenshot of a chat between him and Osaze via his Instagram stories.

“Bro I tried to ignore but I’m so disappointed in you. If you are now close to God does not make you feel others are close to the devil. I own a registered and licensed lottery platform just like every other individual does both home and abroad.”

Here are some of his posts that he has now taken off social media:

Here are some of the reactions on twitter:


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