Media Personality IK Osakioduwa Launches Radio Station

Media Personality IK Osakioduwa Launches Radio Station

Media Personality IK Osakioduwa Launches Radio Station (Source: Instagram/IK Osakioduwa)

Popular TV host and presenter, IK Osakioduwa has just revealed his new radio station, Lite Radio95.5 is live!

The media personality host shared this exciting news via Twitter on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

“Chased this for a little over 9 years. Today we finally started our test transmissions of Lite Radio 95.5. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes that has worked and sacrificed to get us here. God bless you guys. Now, go give us a listen. We’re here to love you,” he wrote on the social media platform.


Speaking exclusively to OSG, IK tells us what to expect from his new station.

“This is a station for people who are young (and anyone who is young at heart). We don’t claim to be here to educate you. We’ll leave that for other stations. We just want to show you a good time. We are user friendly and never hectic. We’re unashamed of our youthfulness and no matter what happens we promise to keep it ‘Lite’.”

On how he feels about launching the station:

“It feels good to see a dream come true. It’s like finally having a child after waiting for a long time. You don’t suddenly relax though your dream has been born. Instead, you become vigilant over it, trying to make sure it has all the nourishment, provision and protection it needs. That’s how I feel now: glad it had happened and keen to ensure everything goes right.

I’ve had this dream for as long as I can remember. My cousins will tell you that I used to talk about it when we were less than 10 years old. We used to play games and record tapes like I was a radio presenter back in the day. However, I’d say I only started chasing it actively a little under 10 years ago.”

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