Busta Rhymes Performs For Voters Outside Apollo Theater On Election Day For Free

Former record holder for the fastest rapper in the world, Busta Rhymes gave Americans something to cheer about during the election by performing for free at the Apollo Theatre.

The live performances were apart of Joy to the Polls, a nonpartisan movement spearheaded by the Election Defenders — a group of volunteers that include community organizers, and faith leaders to help end voter suppression.

The multiple award-winning artist later took to Instagram to encourage the black community to think beyond this year’s election so they don’t exchange their vote for dollars.

“Salute to everyone that is doing [their] part today but what we actually have to do is much deeper than voting!!! We need to empower [ourselves] mind, body, spirit & economically so that these politicians will have to properly negotiate with us for our dollars and our vote!!”

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