“SWAT Is Like When NEPA Changed To PHCN” – Reno Omokri

Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri better known as ‘Buhari tormenter’ has taken a swipe at the Buhari administration for bad governance.

Reno Omokri jabbed the Inspector General of police for the replacement of the SWAT with the SARS as he labelled the SWAT as the suppressor of civil human rights.

His tweet read as:

General @MBuhari was asked to bring his WAEC certificate, instead, he brought 13 SANS. He was asked to #EndSARS and he brought SWAT ti SWAT us. He was asked to restructure Nigeria and he threw the National Conference resolutions in the dustbin.

SWAT was set up in 1964 to suppress the riots that sprang up during the Civil Rights movement in America. Please research this yourself. And now that Nigerians are fighting for their Civil Rights, General @MBuhari’s government comes up with SWAT?”

“They don’t even have original ideas. Because @MBuhari changed from khaki to agbada, they think they can change from SARS to SWAT”.

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