Tunji Funsho, Nigeria’s Polio Hero Makes Time’s 100 Most Influential People


One of Nigeria’s outstanding doctors, Tunji Funsho has been named as Time’s 100 Most Influential People. Tunji Funsho was recognized for his efforts in ensuring that polio becomes eradicated from Africa.

Tunji Funsho, being the Chairman of the Rotary International’s Polio Eradication Program in Nigeria, has worked tirelessly with other partners, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to achieve Africa’s certification as polio-free on August 25.

According to TIME, Tunji Funsho did “more than any other person to drive polio to continent-wide extinction”. In reaction to the recognition, Tunji Funsho said in a statement, “I’m honored to be recognized by TIME for my part in ensuring that no child in Africa will ever again be paralyzed by wild polio, a disease that once disabled 75,000 African children every single year. Eradicating the wild poliovirus in Africa was a team effort that required cooperation and dedication of governments, partners, Rotary members, hundreds of thousands of health workers, and countless parents who chose to have their children vaccinated against polio.”

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