Popular Activist, Segalink Releases a Statement Following the Arrest of Bola Aseyan, Lady Who Accused Popular Twitter Influencer Dr. Olufunmilayo of Rape


Bola Aseyan, the lady who accused the popular Twitter influencer, Dr. Olufunmilayo of rape some months back has been arrested and remanded in Lagos prison. This is coming after the said Dr. Olufunmilayo was exonerated of the rape charges made against him by the UK police.

Announcing Bola Aseyan’s arrest, popular activist, Segun Awosanya popularly known as Segalink has taken to his Twitter page to release a statement, stating that the police have recovered her conversation with her trusted ally on the entire incidents especially how she actively/desperately seduced Dr. Olufunmilayo. He also wrote that there is another audio evidence which is the recording of the accuser and a trusted friend, threatening to deal with Dr. Olufunmilayo. He also sent a note of warning to “idle souls” on Twitter who go ahead to write unfounded allegations and comments against other people, citing Bola Aseyan’s case as an example.

Read his full statement below;

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