Timi And Busola Dakolo Celebrate Their Son As He Clocks 10 Today


Timi and Busola Dakolo, who are proud parents of the young Alexander Timi Dakolo, have taken to their individual Instagram pages to celebrate their son on his birthday.

Timi Dakolo wrote, “Happy Birthday to the Chairman of the yard. I remember carrying you for the first time and was scared and joyous at the same. I think you winked at me and I knew we are going to be kool.

“I must this today, I forgive you for all the sleepless nights, Small immunization, it took you one week to calm down. After all I did for you,your first word was Mummy. E still Dey pain. When it got to I want something I was Daddy. When it got showing love, Mummy got it..??

“I love you Alexander Timi Dakolo. You will do Great things. You will have great(loyal) friends. You will light up Dark places. You will fill hollow hearts
You will carry hope and offer it to many. You will continually fear God
and His praises will flow out of your mouth effortlessly You will get wisdom,you will get understand and you will then apply it to your life. You will marry a good woman and you will be Great husband to her my dear..

“Alexander, the son of my youth.. Remember that kindness is the Ultimate beauty. I pray all the blessing a Father can bless a child with upon your life. I love you Alexander Timi Dakolo.”

Busola Dakolo wrote, “Thankful for 10 years of blessings, favor, good health, divine protection, excellence and a life hidden in God’s hands. Happy birthday Son???????? your life is hid in the one who is higher than the highest and greater than the greatest.”

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