“How Will A Big Budget Show Not Have Back Up Sound Equipment” – DJ Obi Slams Big Brother Naija Organizers


DJ Obi, who performed yesterday during the house party, has taken to his Twitter page to slam Big Brother Naija organizers for poor technical issues he encountered while performing last night.

While appreciating the housemates who endured the technical issues, he tweeted, “How will a big budget show not have back up sound equipment????!!! Oh snap! I forgot, speakers are expensive……but the extension cord that burnt out, i swear is like 12k in the supermarket….Oh shit! 12k is a lot of money, my bad.”

He reiterated that his performance last night was due to years of experience while revealing that the entire house partied with one monitor and not even a speaker.

He also dished out a piece of advice to his fellow disc jockeys who are just starting out, thus, “Last night is the LAST TIME i’ll dj without a technical rider in this country. For the djs starting out, learn this now. If the client does not provide you with the right equipment, proper working equipment to do your job. DO. NOT. PRESS. PLAY. Use this to create structure to use the right tools for events and bookings. Contracts and riders, both hospitality and technical riders.”

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