Kate Henshaw Laments About How Uncomfortable Covid-19 Test Can Be


Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has taken to her Twitter page to reveal that she took the Covid-19 test today, 16th August, 2020.

According to her, she was already crying due to the imagination of how painful the test can be. She revealed that the test was really uncomfortable despite the fact that the lady who performed the test on her was nice and gentle with it.

The Covid-19 test is done by taking a sample collection first from the person’s nose. This means that while a person takes a deep breath, a six-inch swab stick is inserted deep into the person’s nose and rotated several times. The same procedure is repeated on the other nose and the samples collected will be sent to the laboratory for testing.

The sample collection procedure can be really uncomfortable as claimed by Kate Henshaw in her tweet. See her tweet below:

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