Lagos State Government Reaches An Agreement With E-Hailing Ride Stakeholders in the State


After a meeting with the E-hailing ride stakeholders such as Uber and Taxify in the state, the Lagos State Government has finally reached an agreement with the stakeholders on the conduct of e-hailing services in the state.

It was agreed during the meeting that there must be a comprehensive insurance cover which will cover drivers and passengers in the state. The initial operational licensing fees was reduced by 20% while a flat fee of N20 which will be called ‘Road Improvement Fund’ will be levied on each trip.

Also, it was agreed that there would henceforth be a one-stop shop for the documentation of all drivers in the e-hailing business (especially the LASSRA Card – Lagos State Resident Registration Agency) which would take a duration of 90 days to comply.

E-hailing companies were also advised to work with various bodies in the business for a good relationship. The Government also requested that the companies submit make necessary data available to the Government. Also, the Lagos State Government has decided that there must be due diligence and background checks on all drivers. Riders were also strongly advised to desist from offline trips and transactions.

The Lagos State Government had earlier announced that it would begin enforcing regulations on ride hailing companies from 20th August. This led to a lot of complaints and a rumour which has been debunked by the Lagos State Government. The State Government has therefore clarified that the news claiming e-hailing companies using a car of 3 years and below is fake and should be discarded.

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