BBNaijaLockdown Week 3: Ozo wins Betway Arena Games

The weekly Betway Arena games have been getting increasingly challenging, but equally exciting. The Big Brother Naija housemates are able to display their sportsmanship, technique and tenacity with these games. This week was no exception as Ozo overcame four obstacles to emerge winner of this week’s arena games, sponsored by Betway.

Last week, just when it was looking like none of the housemates would complete the challenge, Praise successfully guided an empty drink can balanced gently at the tip of a ruler, across several obstacles, without touching or dropping the can.

The Betway Arena games last week challenged the housemates’ patience and calmness. This week, the games challenge what the housemates know about playing a game of table tennis. They go through four obstacles that involve maneuvering a ping pong ball in different ways to stand a chance of winning the games.

The housemates are already familiar with playing friendly table tennis games in the garden, with Praise, Brighto, Tochi, Nengi, Kaisha and TrickyTee as some of the regular players, but this is different from anything they’ve played.

The first obstacle involved getting a tennis ball from one end of a table to a hole on the other end. Under the hole is a bowl to gather the balls. Housemates could not touch the balls at any point, but were to achieve the feat of transporting by blowing the ball across the table. The housemates had to secure one ball through the hole and into the bowl to move on to the next obstacle.

Next, housemates were given a tray with two different coloured balls, yellow and white, and were to blow one yellow ball off the tray before the time runs out.


The third obstacle required the housemates to bounce a ping pong ball off the table and into cups placed on the table. Housemates had to fill an egg into a cup to complete this round of obstacles.

The fourth obstacle involved a degree of patience and calmness. Housemates had to maneuver one tennis ball each through a taperule carefully to achieve their goal.

The obstacles were challenging but surmountable, and ultimately rewarding. Following his win last week, Praise was entitled to pampering by the housemates. This week, Ozo will receive the same reward for completing the four obstacles in one minute, fifteen seconds. Winning the Betway Arena games comes with perks for the housemates, but winning doesn’t come easy.


As Big Brother Naija’s headline sponsor, Betway continues to promote a spirit of competition among the housemates, as well as fans and viewers of the show. Betway will also add to the thrill of the BBNaija experience through a variety of gaming activities, both on the TV show and on Betway platforms – all of which give viewers the chance to play and win.

For more information on the various promotions and activations Betway will be running throughout the fifth season of BBNaija, please visit You can also follow Betway via their social media platforms on Facebook at or on Twitter at @BetwayNigeria.

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