10 Women Online Course Creators With Transforming Courses Just For You


It is said that knowledge is power; and while knowledge is hidden in the pages of books and videos, it is also hidden in the brains of intelligent women who have been able to formulate standard courses that can give you that beautiful change you need in your life, career, home and business.

Here are some of the female online course creators in Nigeria:

  1. Oluwatosin Ajibade: Oluwatosin Ajibade, popularly known as OloriSuperGal is a successful Nigerian media personality and influencer who is willing to train many others in the art of influencing through the tool of social media. She does this through her course – Influencer Blueprint – which acts a step-by-step guide in being a highly sought-after influencer. The link is attached below:

  1. Stephanie Obi – With her “Course Launched Delivered’ online course, the Nigerian tech entrepreneur, Stephanie Obi teaches business owners uncommon strategies, templates and the coaching they need to earn six figures in USD from their online course. Even though she hasn’t started applications for this season, you can join the wait list via this link:

CLD Waiting List 2020

  1. Tricia Biz – With the ‘Monetise Your Knowledge’ course, Tricia Ikpowonba popularly known as Tricia Biz tells us that knowledge isn’t just power and that knowledge can also bring money to the table. You can also join the wait list via this link:


  1. Obis Ora: Obis Ora’s personal style coaching is that defining and transforming course every woman needs to register for, in order to build her confidence and lead her to live a better life.

  2. Nelly Agbogu: Popularly known as NaijaBrandChick, Nelly transforms businesses and brands through her courses, one of which is the Instagram DM Marketing class which you can purchase below:

  1. Tara Fela Durotoye is an entrepreneur and speaker who helps to teach business structuring to CEOs of startups and growing organizations through her Business Structuring Masterclass.

Register for it below:

How to Structure Your Business Class

  1. Olatosin Olaseinde: She teaches financial literacy and independence through her financial literacy courses. You can register below:

  2. Arese Ugwu: Arese Ugwu is another financial instructor who teaches you how to take control of your finances. With her course, ‘Smart Money Blueprint’, Arese Ugwu teaches you how to get your money right. You can register below:

  1. Debola Deji-Kurunmi: Through her courses which are put together in the Immerse Inner Circle platform, DDK (as she is popularly called) teaches women how to have a 360-degree success. Join the waiting list for the next enrollment through this link:

Waiting List

  1. Toyin Lolu-Ogunmodede: With her fertility experience, Toyin helps waiting mothers on their journey of conception and delivery with her ‘Ready Set Conceive’ online course. You can purchase via the link below:

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