Nothing Wrong If My Husband Cheats On Me – Popular Singer

Popular Nigerian singer, Seyi Shay sees nothing wrong with married men having side chics and wouldn’t mind her husband has one.

According to her, she would be cool if her future husband has an affair outside their marriage provided he is cheating on her with one woman. All that matters to her is that he doesn’t tell her about the lady.

“I will actually be cool, right… with my man having chics outside, as long as they’re ‘chics’ and not one… because if he has one chic on the side, then it’s l more likely that he’s gonna fall in love with that one chic but if he has got like chics outside and he’s doing his thing but I’m number one clearly in every way whatever he doesn’t have to tell me about it but as long as we have the conversation in the beginning that there are people …” She said in a discussion show

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