Kanye West Breaks Down South Carolina Rally

Kenya West broke down in tears, made an outrageous claim about Harriet Tubman, had a heckler ejected and claimed his brain was too big for his skull on Sunday at the first campaign event for his bewildering presidential run.

“Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people,” he said at one point in a rambling speech that bounded from one topic to another with little seeming structure. At another moment, he broke down when sharing that he and wife Kim Kardashian West had considered an abortion (they have four children), and then said his own father wanted to have him aborted. “There would have been no Kanye West… because my dad was too busy!,” West sobbed.

West demanded “absolute silence and absolute order” — and even asked audience members to point out anyone they heard talking — scolded the crowd for clapping at one point, and had another audience member ejected for an unclear reason. He got into a heated exchange with a young woman he invited onstage to speak, although her comments were mostly inaudible.

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