Emojis Added Spice To Our Communication And We Love It: World Emojis Day ???????????

World Emojis Day is annually celebrated every July 17 and we are reminded of how emoji is indeed the sugar to our tea ?????? when it comes to communication on social media platforms. With emojis, our texts are empowered to convey the right emotions, which gives us the benefit of making sure the readers understand the message we intend to pass across.

Also, emojis have been tailored to encourage racial and gender equality. Different races and colours have been represented with emojis, so as to promote cultural diversity and racial equality. ??????????????????????. Also, there are different emojis that do not restrict women to the stereotyped gender roles, as these emojis signify the life and career of professional women ???????????????????

A world without emojis is better imagined; happy world emojis day.

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