Gratitude Journaling And Its Benefits To Your Mental Health

With gratitude journaling, we reflect and acknowledge the goodness in our lives by writing them down.

Here are a few benefits of gratitude journaling on your mental health:

  1. People who regularly practice gratitude journaling feel strong mentally and emotionally. They are able to relish good experiences, improve their health, overcome hurdles and build healthy relationships.

  2. Gratitude journaling improves positivity mindset. When you take the time to reflect and write on the good happenings in your life, you naturally become optimistic and feel alive. While doing this, you also give less power to any negative thoughts or emotions.

  3. It increases one’s self-esteem. Keeping a journal is a personal activity and it allows you to build confidence, motivation and improve your esteem. Meanwhile it reduces the tendency for social comparisons and resentments towards people.

  4. Simply keeping a gratitude journal can significantly increase well-being and life satisfaction. We are inclined to express more compassion, love, hope and kindness.

  5. It is a recipe to a happier life. Showing gratitude means you are acknowledging the goodness in your life and by writing these things down you are able to look beyond yourself and the happenings right in front of you.

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