Fade Ogunro Sponsors the Education of Young Ballerina Whose Video Went Viral

A young male ballet dancer was captured on video where he displayed amazing ballet moves on concrete in the rain. The video was shared by @BlackNoChaser on Twitter with the caption, “What is dedication? Ballet, barefoot on concrete while raining… incredible! (Via: LeapOfDanceAcademy/IG)”

The video which went viral has captured the attention of Fade Ogunro, a former ballerina and media personality who has now decided to sponsor the young ballerina’s formal education and another female ballet dancer, whose name is not known, in any institution in the world, till they graduate from a university.

She tweeted, “Thanks everyone for your kind words. I really didn’t expect this incredible response. I have communicated with @LeapOfDanceAca1 and the young man in the video and another female ballet student will be put through school until they finish Uni, thanks to @BookingsAfrica”

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