Senate Passes Sexual Harassment Bill To Protect University Students

The Nigerian Senate has passed a sexual harassment bill to protect students from sexual harassment from lecturers in the university. The bill, which is waiting for the President’s assent, prohibits lecturers from making sexual advances from students or prospective students. Furthermore, the bill prohibits lecturers from whistling, winking, stalking, making sexual jokes or sexual complimetary or unconplimentary remarks about a student’s body. This also includes grabbing, hugging, kissing, rubbing, stroking, touching, pinching the breasts, hair, lips, hips, buttocks or any other sensual part of a student’s body.

The bill also makes provision for punishment of sexual offenders who are convicted of making sexual advances or harassing a student sexually to be a minimum of five years imprisonment and a maximum of 14 years imprisonment without fine. Also, the bill prescribes a minimum of two years imprisonment and a maximum of five years imprisonment without an option of fine to lectures convicted of making sexual jokes or sexual complimentary remarks about a person’s body and also to lecturers convicted of kissing, rubbing, stroking a student and other related offences.

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