10 Businesses Nigerian Youths Can Start Without the Fear of EFCC






There are various businesses available to Nigerian youths that would not necessitate meddling with cybercrime and online scam. These are some of the businesses open to Nigerians:

  1. Fitness Trainer: If you enjoy being active and healthy, you can make this into a profitable business idea by organizing different virtual fitness classes, creating fitness goals and teaching families and individuals to do same for a fee.

  2. Graphic Designing: The internet provides the opportunity to create various designs for a fee. Graphics designing is an online business that will be in high demand for a long time.

  3. Laundry services: Laundry is one business you can start to increase your income. Take advantage of others’ busy schedules and create laundry services plans de

  4. Photography: For as long as people would love great pictures, photography as a business will always be highly demanded.

  5. Fashion designing:There is always a demand for new types of clothing design and new styles. If you love making clothes for yourself, why not make them for someone else and turn your hobby into a business plan?

  6. Event planning: Today, there are various kinds of events ranging from corporate to social events, physically and virtually. You can try out event planning as a business, especially after the pandemic.

7 Website developer: If you are good at programming, you can build websites and apps for business clients.

8 Food Business: If you’re a foodie with the heart of an entrepreneur, then starting a food business might be exactly what you’re looking for. You can also enter the digital world to accept orders and deliver them to your customers.

  1. Personal home tutor: If you have certain teaching experience and qualifications, or perhaps you’re good at explaining things effectively, you can offer lesson plans, and educational programmes to numerous parents and students, especially in this season of imbibing online learning

  2. Online book stores: If you love books and have a growing knowledge of different authors and genres, then maybe opening an online bookstore is for you. To stay relevant and successful, you may need to create a website or an IG page where customers can potentially purchase books from you.

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