Dubai Police Arrests 20 African Gangs Over Social Media Scam

Dubai police is still on the raid for perpetrators of cybercrime in its country. The Police has arrested 20 gangs who were involved in social media and online dating app scams. The Police also arrested a couple who deceived their victims by posing as a recruitment agency for domestic helpers.

The Police also mentioned that an information was given to them as to the activities of certain gangs who lured men on social media by sending pictures of girls to their emails.

The Director of CID at Dubai Police, Brigadier Jamal Al Jallaf, said “When the victim arrives at the specified address, he would find a different girl than the one he had chatted with online

“The gang would threaten victims and take their belongings including mobile phones and credit cards after they take pictures of the men in indecent positions and threaten to post their videos online and share it with the victims’ contacts if they report the matter to the authorities.

“The victims would end up sharing their mobile phone passcodes and credit card security pins, and paying huge amounts to avoid being defamed online and among their family members.”

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