Why You Should Not Eat Late At Night

Eating late in the evening or at night can be bad for your health. Basically it can lead to several health hazards like increase in blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, heart diseases and obesity.

Dangers of eating late at night;

1- Causes poor sleep; Having a meal close to bedtime can disrupt your sleep. Your digestive system will be functioning while you are asleep, which can affect you and cause restlessness or sleeplessness.

2- Worsens digestive system; If you eat food before getting in bed, food is not digested properly as lying down will cause indigestion, abdominal distension and pains. The more gap you leave between dinner and sleep, the better your digestive system functions.

3- Increases the risk of obesity. Studies have shown that when we make a habit of eating late in the evening, we have more calories stored up as fatty acids in the body which could lead to weight gain, obesity, heart attack and stroke.

4- Deteriorate energy levels; Eating dinner late gives your body less time to stabilize blood sugar levels, which plays a role in making you feel more fatigued and irritable. Eating late gives you less energy to perform any activities before bed.

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