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Social Media Day: The Blessings Social Media Has Brought

Social media came years ago as a visitor who has stayed long with us enough to be called family. As we celebrate social media day today, here are the blessings social media came with:

  1. Fast communication: With social media, we stopped relying on letters sent through the postal service as a means of communication. Letter writing made communication really slow; however, with social media, communication is done in a twinkle of an eye.

  2. Connection with people: Social media has enabled us build connection with people within and outside our environment. Without social media, we would have been limited to the people around us only, but with social media, building relationships with people can transcend continents.

  3. Healthy Exposure: Social media has also been a medium of exposure to information which are beneficial. With social media, one cannot be kept in the dark for too long on certain important issues. This is because experienced scholars and experts have decided to pour their wealth of knowledge on various social media platforms.

  4. Digital Sales: Social media has brought smiles to the face of a lot of business men and women; as they have been able to have their major breakthroughs via digital marketing on social media.

  5. Job opportunities: Social media has created a lot of job opportunities which would not have been available if there were no social media. Content creators and social media influencers are able to stand on their own due to the presence of social media.

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