Sex Education Made Easy for Kids

In this age where we have rampant cases of sexual violence and harassment, it is important to teach sex education to kids as they grow up. However, sex education is not something easy to talk about to children, especially when it comes to the general inquisitive nature of children. In case you don’t know how to go about it, you can follow these steps:

  1. Tell them the names of their private organs: Don’t hide the names of their private organs from them and let them understand that it is a private part of the body that should not be touched by anyone without permission

  2. As your child grows older, make sure you provide detailed responses to their sex questions. It is safe and better for your child to learn about sex from home than to learn it from their predators.

  3. Make sure you always create a comfortable environment where your child can talk to you about her feelings and sexual attractions as well as the sexual threats he/she gets

  4. Make sure you talk to them about puberty between the ages of 8-9. They need to understand the reactions of their body before it starts happening. They need to feel comfortable with their body when puberty sets in.

  5. Be honest and truthful to your children, especially when they grow up: Do not hide things from them. Explain what sex is, and why it is done. Also explain your moral and religious standards to them and ask for your child’s opinion. When you do this, your child is comfortable to talk about you despite your religious and ethical standards.

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