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Top 5 TikTok Challenges You Should Try

Ready to join the viral growth of Tiktok challenges?

Challenges are one of the biggest trends on TikTok, I have picked out 5 fun TikTok Challenges you should try, with your family and friends

#1 #doyouknowchallenge 

participating in this challenge requires you to lip-sync with a voice that comes with the challenges, asking “do you know somebody, who knows somebody, who has corona?” this turns into a song you can dance too.

#2 #dontleavemechallenge

You must have seen viral videos of people saying Don’t leave me, well its time for you to join in. all you need to do is sync two words together to make another word, whilst the person with the camera says Don’t leave me.

#3 #liketheview

This challenge was coined from a scene in reality TV show 90Days Fiance. You would have someone join to achieve this challenge cause it is conversational.

#4 #Bananadropchallenge

You would need a sunshade for this challenge and also learn the dance steps, you can simply search for the #bananadropchallenge on TikTok.

#5 #howisound

this is quite a hilarious one, you get to sing into your phone and the sound plays back a how horrible your voice sounds (note that none of these is your original voice, but a sound that comes with the hashtag)

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