Online Food Delivery Sites You Should Know

Not only has technology changed the way we interact, it also has greatly changed how we live, how we do business transactions, and how we purchase items every day. Today, you can order your favorite dish without leaving your home just by surfing the internet and selecting your favourite restaurants. More interestingly, it gets delivered to your doorsteps within minutes.

Here are online food delivery sites you should look out for;

1- Konga; With Konga, you can order fruits, vegetables and processed foods online from a wide selection of restaurants and still have it fresh and delivered on time.

2- JumiaFoods; Jumia foods is operated by Jumia Nigeria. It boasts of a pretty good selection of restaurants around the country and lets you select a restaurant, make an order and pay for the food of your choice which will be delivered to your doorstep.

3- OFood; OFood stands for Opera Foods and is operated by Opera Software. The food delivery service is incorporated into its OPay app. OFood lets you order a variety of local and foreign dishes and occasionally offer discounts on food you order.

4- is an online marketplace that focuses solely on delivering meals, fruits, fresh groceries and farm produce both in large and retail quantities to offices and homes.

5- With the promise of delivery in minutes, they offer unique menu that consists of select popular contemporary and Nigerian offerings like Okro soup and fufu, yam fritters and breaded fish, yam porridge, doughnuts and the likes.

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