Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas apologises for calling dark-skinned Lupita Nyong’o ugly

Former NBA star apologizes to Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o for trolling her because of her dark skin.

In an Instagram post, Arenas said sorry for shaming the Oscar-winning actress multiple times.

The former athlete said he was so stupid to attack a fellow Black person for no apparent reason.

“We can’t come together as a race until the idiots of the race right their wrongs. My name is Gilbert and I was an idiot for attacking one of our queens for no reason. Lupita Nyong’o, I am truly sorry for my coon behavior. Black Lives Matter Dead And Alive #BlackExcellence.” he wrote.

His post impressed many people including his own fans and those of Lupita who duly congratulated him for his maturity and show of love.

In 2017, the 38-year-old athlete angered quite a multitude of people after making very derogatory remarks towards Lupita.

His attack on Lupita and other dark-skinned girls through social media did not  go well with many people who trolled him silly.

Arenas had claimed that only a few Black women are beautiful with Lupita standing out as the less hot in his list.

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