Dongban-Mensem Sworn in as President of Court of Appeal

Honourable Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem has been sworn in as the President of Court of Appeal by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad. The Chief Justice of Nigeria also encouraged Justice Dongban-Mensem to maintain a cordial relationship with her colleagues and ensure that otherJustices understand the volume of work allocated to them.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria said, “From my personal experience, workload in the Court of Appeal, especially in the divisions is the highest.

“It is a home of work, it is a home of cooperation, but with your experience, hardwork, and zeal, you will not find your new status difficult.

“If you sustain your good character and conduct, your tenure will definitely be an excellent one.

“Try to be your self and do not allow others derail you. Remain what we know you for.”

The new President of Court of Appeal has however promised to build on the legacy left behind by her predecessors.

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