Sickle Cell Awareness Day: The Federal Ministry of Health Educates the Public on Sickle Cell

Today is Sickle Cell Awareness Day and the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health has come out to educate the public on sickle cell on its Twitter page. Here are highlights of the Ministry’s talk on Sickle Cell:

  1. Sickle Cell is an inherited blood ailment that causes the red blood cells have a sickle shape which further obstructs the flow of oxygen and blood in the body.

  2. Sickle cell warriors often experience weakness, serious pains and may often look pale due to the shortage of blood in their body

  3. Although sickle cell can be cured through bone marrow transplant, sickle cell can still be effectively managed through healthy diets, folic acid supplements, high fluid intake, pain medication and use of antibiotics for treatment.

  4. The best form of preventing sickle cell is by not being in a situation where both the husband and wife are sickle cell carriers. This is why it is important to know your genotype and also your partner’s genotype so as to determine genotype compatibility earlier before conception.

Please note the following before choosing a life partner:

AA + AA =?
AA + AS =?
AA + SS =?
AA + AC =?
AS + AS =?
AS + SS =?
AS + AC =?
AC + SS =?
SS + SS =?
SC + AS =?

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