How Effective is Online Education in Rural Areas

With the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, some schools have decided to explore the option of the internet to create online classes where the students can continue their learning experience. These schools, however, are mostly in the urban areas and most of the students have access to phones and other electronic devices where the classes are being held. Even though this is a giant stride taken in the educational sector of Nigeria, one cannot but think about the fate of children in rural communities.

In a rural community where the parents are struggling for daily survival, the children might not have access to the online learning experience their other mates enjoy. Most of these children do not have access to electronic devices that support internet and even if they do, their parents might not be able to afford the data expenses of learning on the internet daily. This therefore creates an imbalance in the educational sector in Nigeria. While some students are still learning, some are staying at home due to the major problems of poverty and lack of exposure.

This is a cause for attention, as some children might not be able to retain what they have been taught, especially because the lockdown has kept them at home for a long time without a need to refresh their memory. Apart from the imbalance it already creates, it slows down the learning process of the children.

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